WE SHIP* WORLDWIDE 🌎 (*silver pieces only)

The process


I am very honored to apply authentic and artisanal techniques that result in better quality, a unique product and jewelry that tells a story.
All the creation and making is done in Morocco, in my Studio in Tangier where all the magic happens.

Although this seems like a structured process, since all of the work is done by hand, the pieces sometimes sprang up spontaneously when I work in the studio and while touching the materials. I work in a free and open way, to let my creativity run free, and to keep a dynamic and evolving production.

  1. Inspiration

My inspiration can come from anything; But mostly, I am inspired by the beauty and impermanence of nature's elements that surround us.

The beauty of metalwork also inspires me. Strong, hard yet so fragile and delicate.

These opposing movements allow me to create jewelry with a strong design, yet with a feminine touch. 

For each collection  / piece, I will have a specific theme or idea, that I will then try to visualize and materialize in any possible way: moodboard, drawings, photography ...

  1. Ideation & prototyping

Once I know the direction I want to take, I then draw all the jewelry ideas I have on paper. I create the ones I prefer in metal or wax, before selecting the pieces that are part of the collection.

From there, the first version of the jewel was born: the prototype.

  1. The making

Once the prototype is finalized, for each piece in the collection, I adopt a different working technique to have the best result. 

  1. Finishing & polishing

Once the jewelry is made, I put the finishing touches on each piece. I clean the part from scratches, soldering effects and working with different techniques and hand tools. Then I polish it to give it a shiny (or mat) appearance,

Finally, I put the finished jewelry in a safe place, or directly in its pouch to send it to you.




Photography: Seif Kousmate