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Meet Lamiae, the maker


Elhora Jewels is a Moroccan jewelry brand based in Tangier, and stands somewhere between fine jewelry and art jewelry. Behind the label is the designer and maker Lamiae Skalli.

Lamiae has always been driven by intuition, and her work is deeply shaped by it. The pieces she makes carry her personal feelings and emotions of the creative moment. Each design is conceived on the bench - not on paper - while she is in touch with the materials that she works with; hence every piece is unique and bears the marks of her own hands, her signature.

Deeply inspired by nature and organic elements around us, Lamiae likes to create organic, perfectly imperfect jewelry with textures and shapes that evoke a deep sense of humanity and vulnerability.

Lamiae is a self taught designer and jeweler. Born in Fez, Morocco, she grew up surrounded by the mind-blowing crafts heritage and culture in the millennial Medina. After an early career in Business & Innovation, she started learning the techniques of jewelry making while travelling in Turkey where she met her mentor; she then continued her learning journey with local masters in Fez, Morocco and decided to start a brand where she could combine her values, her creative vision, and traditional techniques she wants to honor and keep alive.


“ My path into becoming a jewelry maker was not a typical one. In a society such as ours, we are not encouraged to take this kind of paths: People usually don’t understand how someone with a masters’ degree would want to become an artisan. Being able to break free from those beliefs and listen to my inner voice took a lot of effort and work. But I was able to do it, and I am proud of myself. I want my brand to reflect this and I want every piece to carry as much strength, courage and freedom as possible for the women wearing them.

Do what you love, listen to yourself, and be free ”