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About Elhora Jewels

ELHORA Jewels is a contemporary jewelry brand presenting hand made and fine pieces, made of Silver 925 and Gold 18k, for the modern and free woman.

ELHORA Jewels was founded by Lamiae Skalli with a vision to change the rules of the game in terms of style, processes and quality.

We create modern and contemporary designs using ancestral and artisanal ways,  for those who value style and are not afraid to showcase their individuality while caring about sustainability.  

The word Elhora has a double meaning in Arabic: It means “A free woman”, but also means “authentic woman”.

This double meaning perfectly reflects the essence of the brand: creating jewelry for free, yet authentic women.



ELHORA Jewels redefines femininity. For us, being feminine goes beyond the bling and the conventional shapes that for long have been assigned to women. We play with bold and different shapes, textures, and materials allowing women to embrace their feminine side, yet be unique and make a statement effortlessly.


A brand for women, by women

Women empowerment is at the hearth of Elhora Jewels’ commitment and concern. We aspire to work with and empower as many women as possible through our brand and products: Our clients, our community and our team.


With jewelry making being a men-dominated field in Morocco, we thrive to include as many women as possible in the creation of our jewelry, and hopefully push and attract more women into this field, both in the design and making part.