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Jewelry Making Kit

Jewelry Making Kit

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1,750.00 MAD
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1,750.00 MAD

With this kit, you become the DESIGNER & THE MAKER !!!
* Please note that this Kit is only available for customers in Morocco for now; 


How does it work ? 

Design and make your own ring or pendant from the comfort of your home. 
This kit is based on the "Lost Wax casting" technique, a very old jewelry making technique; it consists of sculpting and carving your jewelry by hand in wax before casting it in the metal of your choice.

With this kit, you’ll be able to make your very own ring in wax, and send it back to me for casting in Silver 925, finishing and polishing before I return it back to you ! 


What’s included in the kit ? 

- Professional tools to create and carve your ring in wax
- Pre-cut pieces of wax (you can choose to either make a pendant or a ring)
- A detailed video tutorial / course with all basic techniques of wax carving - A 30min one-on-one video call with me to assist you and guide you if needed
- Your cast and polished jewelry in Silver 925 
- Shipping
- And all the learning and the fun :) 


If you have questions, do not hesitate to DM me us Instagram or email us on to order your KIT

* This kit is designed for beginners and you absolutely need no prior experience with crafts / jewelry making
** You can cast your ring in Gold 18k if you wish to, for an additional cost

*** This kit is NOT for children as it includes very sharp tools
**** There will be a limited number of boxes, so book yours now !